92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Monday, 23 January 2012: 4:45 PM
Space Weather Products and Services for Emergency Managers
Room 252/253 (New Orleans Convention Center )
Genene Fisher, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and W. J. Murtagh and S. Johnson

Space weather impacts critical systems such the electric power grid, communications, positioning and navigation, and national security. The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) is working closely with the emergency management community to increase awareness of how space weather can disrupt critical infrastructure. SWPC, the nation's official source of space weather forecasts, alerts and warnings, is providing education and training at FEMA Regions, Department of Homeland Security conferences and emergency management meetings. SWPC is also collaborating with FEMA on its Federal Operations Plan and a Comprehensive Preparedness Guide to address space weather. The potential impact of space weather on critical infrastructure is also shared by our international partners. In 2010, SWPC assisted FEMA with a space weather preparedness workshop that included European private and public sector officials. This paper will describe SWPC's current activities with the emergency management community.

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