92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Monday, 23 January 2012
American Weather and Climate Exposition (Weather Expo)
Hall E (New Orleans Convention Center )
Miles S. Muzio, Weather Exposition of America, Bakersfield, CA; and E. Salna

For many years the seed concept of a unique facility that would highlight American technological advances in meteorology and climatology has been slowly gaining ground. That enthusiasm is building to a crescendo in 2012. Most everyone shares a common appreciation for weather; it is as constant as the sunrise and affects everyone everywhere, with their daily activities each day.

A concept has emerged to build an attraction which will honor the many accomplishments thousands of scientists have contributed in the advancement of weather technology. But this will be much more than just a museum to American ingenuity and success. It is planned to become a center for education in the atmospheric sciences as well as a focus for new leaps in technology and advocacy for sub-disciplines of meteorology.

Our collective dream is taking shape to establish such a place, to conclude that this vision can indeed be realized and to move boldly forward and imagine it.

The American Weather and Climate Exposition will be a culmination of creative ideas being forged into hard blueprints. The original vision is being focused. An initial Site Plan has been composed by Klassen Corporation. It includes 5 buildings individually dedicated to: The history of American weather technology, an experiential sample of every type of weather which occurs in the US, a weather and climate Educational Estate partnering with local universities, an Advanced Technology Center (think tank) and a National Advocacy Forum. The Weather Expo will be located on a 100-acre pastoral setting with an amphitheater, small lakes, demonstration areas and other community event potentials (such as a Farmers Market).

Five regions with distinctive disruptive weather themes have been defined. They are: severe storms, tropical storms, winter storms, hydrologic extremes and space weather. A Weather Expo will be constructed in each of these areas near the appropriate city, each attraction with commonality but also a specific focus to the regional theme. These combined will become a national attraction, compelling the interest of weather enthusiasts from around the world.

“Weather Exposition of America” is the non-profit business arm of this endeavor. It is our dream to see such a series of attractions built, and over the years we have come to understand it is the shared hope of many other lovers of weather. We will continue to spread awareness of the upcoming Weather Expos across the US while soliciting additional ideas and suggestions other meteorologists believe might be helpful to make this a reality.

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