92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Monday, 23 January 2012: 2:15 PM
Catch the Wind (CTW) Vindicator® Laser Anemometer
Room 239 (New Orleans Convention Center )
William Pendergrass, NOAA/OAR/ARL/ATDD, Oak Ridge, TN; and C. B. Baker, P. Mamidipudi, and D. B. Dakin

For the wind energy industry, the acquisition of accurate and timely hub-height winds speeds is a critical factor affecting a wide range of meteorological support activities for both wind power forecast as well as optimizing wind power production. Real-time winds can be used to optimize the performance of turbine operations. Vertical profiles of wind velocity support turbine engineering designs in addition to validation of hub-height forecast models. Catch the Wind Inc.'s Vindicator® laser wind sensor was tested at the NOAA/ATDD renewable energy field research laboratory operated jointly with Duke Energy at Duke's Ocotillo wind farm in order to assess its suitability for better wind profile mapping as well as wind turbine siting and assessment. The CTW Vindicator® LWS system was set to acquire 1 Hz wind speed and direction observations at five levels ranging from 30 to 150m. Data will be presented comparing Vindicator® measurements to industry accepted standards. The use of remote laser wind sensors for meteorological activities as well as wind farm development will be discussed.

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