92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012: 2:45 PM
Design and Implementation of a New Meteorology Geographic Information System
Room 356 (New Orleans Convention Center )
WeiJiang Zheng, National Meteorological Center, China Meteorological Administration, PRC, Beijing, , China; and B. Luo, Z. Hu, and Z. Lv
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Meteorology Geographic Information System(MeteoGIS) is a professional meteorological GIS platform of completely independent intelligent properties. It fully utilizes the national innovative GIS technologies in the meteorological scenario; MeteoGIS supports multiple databases, browsers and a variety of development environments, has a good cross-platform capability. It also has a massive image and raster data management and distribution capacity and supports accessing, importing, and exporting a variety of common GIS data formats directly, with support for data editing, spatial analysis, thematic mapping, layouting, and printing. Meteogis has extended the meteorological data models and data sets, and is able to show meteorological data in a standard way, produce thematic maps and layout and print cartographic maps. It has integrated algorithms for meteorological purposes and special-use analysis. The platform is comprised of developing kits, data engines, desktop software, and Web development platforms. MG Objects includes MG SDK, MG Objects.Net and MG Objects Java. It covers most of the meteorology-related GIS functionalities and achieves a series of meteorological analysis algorithms. MG Objects provides modules for data management, editing, visualization, spatial analysis, professional meteorological analysis, layout and printing, 3D visualization and spatial analysis. MeteoGIS database engine(MG DBE) is the spatial (meteorological) data engine that is used to manage and access common GIS and meteorological data formats.MG DBE can directly read fourteen types of common GIS data formats, and nine major categories of meteorological data formats, and directly integrate WMS and WFS services from other GIS systems.MG DBE also has extended five categories of meteorological data models including spatio-temporal models, further facilitating the mass data access and management.MG DBE complies with the Open Geospatial Database Connection(OGDC) and supports extending any new formats of meteorological data. MeteoGIS Desktop is developed by MG Objects. NET. It integrates a variety of common GIS and meteorological algorithms such as interpolation algorithm of meteorological features, flourier analysis, wavelet transform analysis, singular spectrum analysis, Monte Carlo methods, neural networks and regression analysis. Meteorological personnel can use MG Desktop to perform editing, analysis, mapping, printing and other functions on meteorological data. MG Internet is comprised of MG Internet Server and RIA client applications.MG Internet Server is a high performance Web platform for publishing and sharing a variety of common GIS and meteorological data, with an integration of caching, load balancing and clustering technologies. it supports publishing and aggregating OGC W * S services, and SOA-based application development.MG Internet has three RIA clients for AJAX, Silverlight and Flex, it provides a more powerful client interaction and performance. By now, the Flex client provides a professional client for displaying meteorological information and an online service for interpolation analysis. Key words: Meteorology Geographic Information System, developer kits, MeteoGIS database engine, desktop application, web development platform, meteorological analysis algorithms

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