92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Session 7 Other Air Pollution Topics

Tuesday, 24 January 2012: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Room 339 (New Orleans Convention Center )
Host: 17th Conference on Air Pollution Meteorology with the A&WMA
Chair:  Marko Princevac, University of California at Riverside
  3:30 PM
A Micromixing Model for the Internal Concentration Fluctuations of Puffs of Contaminant
Pasquale Franzese, George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA; and M. Cassiani

Modeling of Reynolds-Averaged Bimolecular Reaction Rate of Air Pollutants Using LES

Turbulence Reduction Over Dense Gas Pooling Events

  4:15 PM
Laboratory Measurements and Characterization of Smoldering Smoke From Pine Needle Fuel Beds
Victor Lu, Univ. of California, Riverside, CA; and K. Tsui, C. Bartolome, M. Princevac, A. Venkatram, S. Mahalingam, G. Achtemeier, and D. R. Weise
  4:30 PM
A Method for Targeting Chemical Samplers for Facility Monitoring in An Urban Environment
Paul Bieringer, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and J. R. Hannan, S. P. Longmore, and G. Bieberbach
  4:45 PM
Towards Optimization of Urban Planning and Architectural Parameters for Energy Use Minimization in Mediterranean Cities
Marina K.ľA. Neophytou, Univ. of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus; and P. Fokaides, I. Panagiotou, E. Tryphonos, I. Ioannou, M. Petrou, M. Sandberg, H. Wigo, E. Linden, E. Batchvarova, B. Dimitroff, and A. Ivanov