92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Session 5 Preparing the User Community for the Next Generation of LEO and GEO Environmental Satellites I

Wednesday, 25 January 2012: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Room 343/344 (New Orleans Convention Center )
Host: Eighth Annual Symposium on Future Operational Environmental Satellite Systems
Cochairs:  Thomas F. Lee, NRL and Anthony Mostek, NOAA/NWS
  4:00 PM
Glimpsing the FIRST Products FROM VIIRS
Thomas F. Lee, NRL, Monterey, CA; and J. D. Hawkins, A. P. Kuciauskas, K. Richardson, J. Solbrig, and S. D. Miller

  4:15 PM
Dramatic Improvements to Nighttime Imaging with the VIIRS DAY/Night Band
Steven D. Miller, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO; and T. F. Lee, C. Elvidge, and J. D. Hawkins

  4:30 PM
Visualizing VIIRS Via NexSat
Arunas P. Kuciauskas, NRL, Monterey, CA; and S. D. Miller, T. Lee, J. Hawkins, J. Solbrig, K. Richardson, M. Surratt, and J. Kent

  4:45 PM
Early Transition and Use of NPP/VIIRS and GOES-R ABI and GLM Products by NWS Forecast Offices
Kevin K. Fuell, Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville, AL; and M. Smith and G. J. Jedlovec

  5:00 PM
GOES-R Proving Ground - Demonstrating GOES-R Products in 2011
Bonnie Reed, JPSS / Science and Technology Corporation, Lanham, MD; and M. DeMaria, S. J. Goodman, J. Gurka, D. Reynolds, and C. W. Siewert

  5:15 PM
Training in the NOAA Satellite Proving Ground
Anthony Mostek, NOAA/NWS, Boulder, CO; and J. Gurka, T. J. Schmit, and L. Spayd Jr.