92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Session 3 Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere Part II

Monday, 23 January 2012: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Room 239 (New Orleans Convention Center )
Host: 16th Symposium on Meteorological Observation and Instrumentation
Chair:  Kenneth H. Underwood, Atmospheric Systems Corporation
  4:00 PM
First Year of Data From the Polarization LIDAR for the Detection of Cloud Phase, Particle Orientation and Stratospheric Aerosol At Summit, Greenland
Ryan R. Neely III, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado; and M. Hayman, J. P. Thayer, R. M. Hardesty, M. O'Neill, M. Shupe, and R. Stillwell
  4:15 PM
Development of An Eye-Safe Micro-Pulse Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) for Water Vapor Profiling in the Lower Troposphere
Amin R. Nehrir, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA; and K. S. Repasky, J. L. Carlsten, S. M. Spuler, R. E. Carbone, and T. M. Weckwerth

  4:45 PM
Advancements In A Multifunctional Fiber Laser Lidar for Measuring Atmospheric CO2 and O2
Jeremy T. Dobler, ITT Exelis, Fort Wayne, IN; and J. Nagel, V. L. Temyanko, T. S. Zaccheo, E. V. Browell, F. W. Harrison, and S. A. Kooi
  5:00 PM
On the Zenith Angular Effect of Residual Clouds and Aerosols in Clear-Sky IR Window Radiance Observations
Nicholas R. Nalli, NOAA/NESDIS, College Park, MD; and C. D. Barnet, A. Gambacorta, E. Maddy, and W. L. Smith Sr.
  5:15 PM
The Diurnal Variability of Precipitable Water Vapor throughout Taiwan
John J. Braun, UCAR, Boulder, CO; and Y. H. Kuo, J. S. Hong, and C. T. Fong