92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Poster Session 1 Space Weather Posters

Monday, 23 January 2012: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Hall E (New Orleans Convention Center )
Host: Ninth Conference on Space Weather
Chair:  McArthur Jones Jr., University of Colorado
Space Weather Impacts on Spacecraft Design and Operations in Auroral Charging Environments
Joseph I. Minow, NASA, Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL; and L. N. Parker

The Relationship Between Flare-Associated Coronal Dimmings and Coronal Mass Ejections As Observed by SDO, SOHO, and STEREO
Khara Lukancic, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Westminster, CO; and T. N. Woods, R. Hock, A. Reinard, F. G. Eparvier, A. R. Jones, M. Snow, and S. Ng

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Non-Migrating Tides in the Thermosphere: In-Situ Versus Tropospheric Sources
McArthur Jones Jr., University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and J. M. Forbes, M. E. Hagan, and A. Maute

LIFDAR: A Diagnostic Tool for the Ionosphere
Christopher T. Rodgers, ITT Industries, Herndon, VA; and O. E. Kia and J. L. Bartholomew

Solar Eruption Brightness Fluctuation As Measured by Solar Dynamics Observatory and Its Effect on the Ionosphere
Tak Cheung, CUNY Queensborough Community College, Bayside, NY; and G. Tremberger, Jr, P. Marchese, V. Tulsee, E. Ahn, L. P. Johnson, and S. A. Austin
Manuscript (318.4 kB)

Predictive Ability of Various Auroral Precipitation Models As Evaluated Using Polar UVI Global Images
Patrick T. Newell, APL, Laurel, MD; and T. Sotirelis, K. Liou, S. Wing, and R. Redmon

Empirical Forecasting Models of Global Electron Precipitations in Auroral Oval
Yongliang Zhang, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD; and L. J. Paxton and H. Kil

Dynamic Ionosphere Cubesat Experiment (DICE)
Geoff Crowley, Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, Boulder, CO; and C. Fish, C. Swenson, A. Barjatya, I. Azeem, G. S. Bust, F. Rodrigues, and M. Larsen

Preparing Students for Careers in Space Weather At Millersville University
Richard D. Clark, Millersville University, Millersville, PA; and S. Hendrick

New Space Weather Data Sources and Products for Communication and Navigation Systems
Jennifer Meehan, Utah State University, Logan, UT; and D. Hansen, W. K. Tobiska, J. Fulgham, R. W. Schunk, J. J. Sojka, H. Carlson, V. Eccles, D. Rice, L. C. Gardner, L. Scherliess, L. Zhu, C. Tschan, D. Bouwer, and R. Shelley

Global Views of Magnetic Perturbations Associated with Space Weather Disturbances: AMPERE and DMSP
Delores J. Knipp, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and T. Matsuo, A. D. Richmond, and L. Kilcommons

Special Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager (SSULI) Observations of the Equatorial Nightside Ionosphere At Solar Minimum
Damien H. Chua, NRL, Washington, DC; and C. Coker, K. F. Dymond, S. McDonald, A. C. Nicholas, S. A. Budzien, C. A. Metzler, P. Dandenault, P. Serengulian, P. Walker, and G. S. Bust

UV Data Products Derived From Low Earth Orbit Hyperspectral Imagers - Characterizing the State of the Ionosphere
Robert Schaefer, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Laurel, MD; and L. J. Paxton, R. DeMajistre, J. Comberiate, S. Y. Hsieh, C. Selby, M. Weiss, B. Wolven, and Y. Zhang

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