Use of MODIS Satellite Data to Evaluate Juniperus spp. Pollen Phenology to Support a Pollen Dispersal Model, PREAM, to Support Public Health Allergy Alerts

Jeffrey C. Luvall, NASA/MSFC, Huntsville, AL; and W. A. Sprigg, E. Levetin, A. Huete, S. Nickovic, A. Prasad, G. Pejanovic, A. Vukovic, P. Van de Water, A. M. Budge, W. Hudspeth, H. Krapfl, B. Toth, A. Zelicoff, O. Myers, L. Bunderson, G. Ponce-Campos, T. M. Crimmins, M. Menache, and M. Vujadinovic