3.3 Improve Your Worth: Become a Business Intelligence Asset

Wednesday, 9 January 2013: 11:45 AM
Room 13AB (Austin Convention Center)
Kathryn M. Ginger, UCAR, Boulder, CO; and M. D. Ramey

Over the past year, the NCAR Library began to implement an updated strategic plan and mission. One mission goal states: provide metrics on institutional impact including scholarship (peer-reviewed and grey) and facilities use to aid decision making and reporting. This goal demonstrates the NCAR Library's expertise in metrics and analytics. As such, we were positioned to address a very important strategic goal of our parent organization, UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), a consortium of 70 member universities in the atmospheric sciences.

That is, we were able to demonstrate the collaborative relationship between the member university and UCAR. This started as a simple report of joint scholarly publications with that institution but then became more comprehensive to express the overall collaboration/interaction of the member university with UCAR. The collaborative relationships now reported on include:

- the importance of the joint scholarly collaboration

- the importance of the joint scholarly collaboration to the greater community

- a recognition list of key collaborators between the two institutions

- use of UCAR high performance computing by the member university

- joint membership in research field campaigns

- joint grants and awards

- teaching and advising statistics

- visitor tracking from students, faculty, postdocs

- member university staff in UCAR governance positions

- facts of interest demonstrating collaborative and research impact

This presentation will describe this process (e.g. the motivating factor, the data gathering challenges), how the member universities reacted and their participation in the process. We will end with the impact within UCAR as the NCAR Library becomes a relied upon business intelligence asset.

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