Session 2 Chemical Transport Modeling I

Wednesday, 9 January 2013: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Room 16A (Austin Convention Center)
Host: 15th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry
Alain Robichaud, Environment Canada, Air Quality Research Division, Dorval, QC
Mark Estes, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Austin/TX, USA, Air Modeling and Data Analysis Section, Austin, TX

8:30 AM
Development of a 2007-Based Air Quality Modeling Platform
Heather Simon, EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC; and S. Phillips and N. Possiel
9:00 AM
9:15 AM
Effects of Changes in Climate and Emissions on Future Particulate Matter Levels and Composition in the United States
Hang Lei, NOAA/ORL/ARL, College Park, MD; and J. Wang, D. J. Wuebbles, and X. Z. Liang

9:30 AM
Policy Relevant Pollutant Background Simulations for the US using a Multi-scale Regional Climate Modeling System
Brian K. Lamb, Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA; and R. Gonzalez-Abraham, S. Chung, J. Avise, E. Salathe, Y. Zhang, A. Guenther, C. Wiedinmyer, T. Strand, D. McKenzie, E. N. Stavros, S. Larkin, and T. Duhl

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