Operational specification and forecasting advances for Dst, LEO thermospheric densities, and aviation radiation dose and dose rate

W. Kent Tobiska, Space Environment Technologies, Pacific Palisades, CA; and D. Knipp, W. J. Burke, D. Bouwer, J. Bailey, M. P. Hagan, L. Didkovsky, H. Garrett, B. Bowman, J. L. Gannon, W. Atwell, J. B. Blake, W. R. Crain, D. Rice, R. W. Schunk, J. Fulgham, D. Bell, B. Gersey, R. Wilkins, R. Fuschino, C. Flynn, K. Cecil, C. J. Mertens, X. Xu, G. Crowley, A. Reynolds, I. Azeem, S. Wiley, M. D. Holland, and K. Malone

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94th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting