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Northern winter climate change: Assessment of uncertainty in CMIP5 projections related to stratosphere-troposphere coupling

Elisa Manzini, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany; and A. Y. Karpechko, J. Anstey, M. Baldwin, R. X. Black, C. Cagnazzo, N. Calvo, A. Charlton-Perez, B. Christiansen, P. Davini, E. Gerber, M. A. Giorgetta, L. J. Gray, S. C. Hardiman, Y. Y. Lee, D. R. Marsh, B. A. Mc Daniel, A. Purich, A. Scaife, D. Shindell, S. W. Son, S. Watanabe, and G. Zappa