Boundary Layer Thermodynamic and Wind Observations for Improved Fog and Marine Layer Modeling and Forecasting

R. Ware, Radiometrics, Boulder, CO; and L. Blanchette, D. Berchoff, W. Callahan, C. Clements, P. Croft, M. Eilts, P. Flatau, I. Gultepe, R. Hipschman, D. Holland, J. Kleissl, B. Koch, S. McLaughlin, M. Nelson, J. Negus, E. Osler, R. Parmentier, K. Reed, P. Roller, N. Sette, L. Thobois, S. Vandenburg, Y. Xie, and J. Zack

© 2016, AMS
96th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting