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Boundary Layer Profiling for High-Impact Weather Analysis and Nowcasting

Randolph Ware, Radiometrics, Boulder, CO; and D. Berchoff, M. Beauharnois, L. Blanchette, K. Brewster, J. Brotzge, F. H. Carr, W. Conway, B. Demoz, J. M. Freedman, N. A. Gasperoni, I. Gultepe, K. Knupp, E. Lau, D. M. Holland, E. Joseph, M. Mahaffey, C. MacDonald, S. A. McLaughlin, R. Parmentier, K. A. Reed, P. Roller, N. Sette, C. Thorncroft, S. Vanderburg, D. Voytenko, P. Wiker, and T. Wilfong