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Initial Results of HamSCI Ham Radio 21 August 2017 Eclipse Ionospheric Experiments

Nathaniel A. Frissell, Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation, Newark, NJ; New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ; and J. R. Ackermann, D. Bern, F. Ceglia, G. Earle, P. J. Erickson, A. Gerrard, R. Gerzoff, P. Gladstone, S. W. Gunning, J. D. Huba, J. D. Katz, E. Miller, M. Moses, S. E. Reyer, S. W. Rose, A. Shovkoplyas, H. W. Silver, P. Smith, J. S. Vega, M. L. West, and R. Williams