Fifth Conference on Urban Environment


Evaluation of the Thermal Environment in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

Yeon-Hee Kim, Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul, South Korea; and S. N. Oh, H. H. Um, J. C. Nam, and S. B. Kim

To investigate the spatial and temporal structure of the urban heat island in Seoul, temperature data measured at 32 automatic weather stations in the Seoul metropolitan area and 12 additional stations operated by the portable device for the measurement of temperature and relative humidity in the Cheonggyecheon area where has a stream across center area in Seoul. Air temperature data in the Seoul metropolitan area are averaged for the summertime of 2003. The urban heat island is closely linked to that of land-use type, weather and human activities related with anthropogenic heat release, and topography. The intensity of urban heat island is stronger in the nighttime than in the daytime, decreases with increasing wind speed, and is pronounced for clear skies. Heat budget model is constructed to evaluate the thermal environment on urban and rural areas and meteorological data and surface energy flux were observed to examine the heat budget model in Haenam as a rural site and Seoul as an urban site, where land cover types are a grassy place and a built-up area, respectively. The survey of sensitivity for surface parameters (albedo, evaporation efficiency, soil heat capacity) and atmospheric conditions (sunshine, wind speed) of constructed heat budget model was carried out and the qualitative characteristic of these parameters was confirmed. Sunshine parameters played a great part in evaluation of thermal environment with considering the effect of cloud amounts and sunshine interception by buildings. The heat budget model for two land cover types, lawn and built-up area well simulated the diurnal variation of surface energy flux as compared with observational data. Particularly, we could confirm the seasonal variation of latent heat flux for lawn and high sensible heat flux for built-up area.

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Poster Session 3, Urban Heat Islands
Wednesday, 25 August 2004, 5:00 PM-7:00 PM

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