Fifth Conference on Urban Environment


Surface pressure measurements and gravity wave monitoring during the Oklahoma City joint urban atmospheric dispersion study 2003 (presented by R. L. Gunter, NOAA/ARL/ATDD, Oak Ridge, TN)

Carmen J. Nappo, CJN Research Meteorology, Knoxville, TN; and D. L. Aubel

An triangular array of three high-precision, electronic absolute pressure sensors was installed at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics during the Joint Urban Atmospheric Dispersion Study 2003 in Oklahoma City. The array was used primarily for monitoring gravity wave activity within an urban environment, and to correlate wave activity with turbulence during nighttime conditions. Monitoring was continuous for 31 days, of which 29 days have good data. This paper describes the instruments, the sampling array, and the array response, i.e., minimum and maximum resolvable wavelengths and frequencies. Some initial results are presented including wavelet analyses and correlations of wave activity and turbulence.

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Session 3, results and opportunities associated with large collaborative intensive urban campaigns (e.g. Oklahoma Joint Urban Atmospheric Dispersion Study 2003) (parallel with sessions 2 and 4)
Monday, 23 August 2004, 10:30 AM-5:30 PM

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