Panel Discussion 8 Executive Branch and Congressional Staffers: Agency Initiatives, Plans, Progress and Opportunities

Wednesday, 3 April 2013: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Auditorium (AAAS Building)

Ms. Holubowich, a former GAO analyst, will provide an overview of federal budget spending from data provided by the Center for Budget & Policy Priorities, The Panel will then examine legislative initiatives and programs that serve the American people. Professional staff members from the White House Office of Management & Budget and the Office of Science & Technology Policy discuss progress on federal programs. Staff members from the House and Senate provide an outlook on pending legislation and discuss issues associated with programs. They can also provide an outlook on Federal budget and appropriations for NASA, NOAA, NIST, NSF and weather, water, and climate related activities The Panel will be asked to discuss how Sequestration will affect the these programs and to provide an outlook on 2014 and 2015 budget years.
Cory Springer, Director, Weather & Environment Strategic Operations, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. , Arlington, VA and Julie Campbell, The Campbell Marketing Group, n/a, MD
Jean Toal Eisen, Professional Staff for the Senate Appropriations Committee, Washington, DC; Tara A. Rothschild, Senior Professional Staff, House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, Washington, DC; Robert F. Bonner, Minority Staff, House Committee on Appropriations, Minority Staff, House Committee on Appropriations, Washington, DC and Thomas R. Armstrong, U.S. Global Change Research Program, Executive Director, US Global Change Research Program, Executive Office of the President, Washington, DC
Emily J. Holubowich, Cavarocchi Ruscio Dennis Associates and Co-Chair, NDD United, n/a, n/a