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Atmospheric environment analysis of different designs for Beijing Olympic stadium

Xiaoyun Wang, Tsinghua University and Beijing Meteorological Bureau, Beijing, China; and S. Miao, W. Guo, C. Ji, X. Chen, and H. Liu

Considering Green Olympics and High-Tech Olympics, meeting the demand of planning office to compare and evaluate the layouts of Olympic stadium facilities, based on an urban sub-domain scale meteorology and pollutant diffusion model, we establish a set of impact assessment indices and assessment method especially for the impact on meteorology and atmospheric environment by Olympic stadium facilities. As an example, the impact on atmospheric environment by two layouts of Wukesong Culture & Sport Center is assessed. The result shows that: based on urban sub-domain scale model, it is necessary and practical to modeling and assess the impact on atmospheric environment by Olympic stadium facilities. It is a scientific foundation for optimizing the planning.

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Session 10, General Session (Parallel with Session 11)
Friday, 29 April 2005, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM, California Room

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