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The U.S. EPA’s AIRNow program: System overview, data availability, and research needs

Timothy S. Dye, Sonoma Technology, Inc., Petaluma, CA; and R. A. Wayland, J. E. White, C. B. Anderson, A. C. Chan, and C. E. Lengyel

Air pollution continues to be a public health concern with rising childhood asthma rates and stabilization of long-term decreasing pollution trends. EPA's AIRNow and Air Quality Index (AQI) have expanded to provide year-round air quality forecasts and information nationwide to the media and public ( Now researchers are beginning to use this real-time data source for modeling and analysis activities. AIRNow collects real-time data from 1800 monitors (115 air quality agencies) and is currently collecting ozone, PM2.5, and PM10 from monitors throughout the U.S. and Canada and produces a range of research, media, and public products. The AIRNow program is expanding to include other pollutants and meteorological data from both fixed and mobile monitoring sites.

This paper provides an overview of the components of this voluntary program, including how data are processed and made available for researchers, the media, and the public. In addition, this paper discusses future plans to incorporate other pollutants and parameters. Lastly, we present the critical research needs for improving the AIRNow community's monitoring and forecasting capabilities.


Session 9, Air Quality programs (Parallel with Session 8)
Friday, 29 April 2005, 1:30 PM-4:00 PM, California Room

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