85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005: 5:00 PM
Use of multiple IR sensors device for an improved ASOS cloud cover algorithm.
Thierry Besnard, ATMOS sarl, Saint Saturnin, Pays de la Loire, France; and L. Berger, I. Genkova, D. Gillotay, C. Long, F. Zanghi, J. P. Deslondes, and G. Perdereau
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New scientific challenges in the field of atmospheric physics bring more innovative instruments for accurate day and night monitoring of the cloud cover. The instrument we present could be deployed and operated in remote locations. It allows for improving the available ASOS cloud cover algorithm. We will show algorithm simulations, illustrate optimal features and orientation of the static probes and compare experimental results versus other techniques and instrument such as TSI, CIR13, Ceilometer, human observers...

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