85th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 10 January 2005
A Multidisciplinary Approach to WSR-88D Data Quality Assurance
Charles A. Ray, RS Information Systems, Norman, OK; and J. W. Roper and B. Harp
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The Radar Operations Center (ROC) continues to fine-tune its Data Quality (DQ) Program by testing new theories and procedures under fire. Over a period of several months, a ROC DQ team visited several NEXRAD sites which were operating below known performance capabilities. During these visits, the team confirmed that, when resolving such problems as “hot” or “cold” radars, or determining why some systems simply do not filter clutter as effectively as others, a multidisciplinary team consisting of technicians and meteorologists is essential to optimize the system.

Initially, each team member provides commentary on how specific issues, related to his discipline, contribute to radar data quality problems, and then each discusses the site visits from his discipline-specific perspective.

Sites visited were chosen based on several criteria: local National Weather Service forecast office and region support; completion of all required modifications to the hardware and software; and an alarm-free radar. Further, for clutter suppression related problems, prior to visiting a site, it was first verified that the site was doing everything possible regarding the utilization of appropriate suppression. For these visits, technical and meteorological procedures are discussed, showing how they are intertwined and how each discipline is vital to a successful resolution of the problem.

Finally, a “Lessons Learned” section is provided, illuminating several findings that were unexpected and which went against previous knowledge.

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