85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005: 4:15 PM
Recent Advances in QuikSCAT/Seawinds Near-Real-Time Processing at NOAA/NESDIS
Jeffrey M. Augenbaum, Computer Sciences Corp., Suitland, MD; and R. W. Luczak and G. Legg
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QuikSCAT near-real-time (NRT) processing of SeaWinds data at NOAA/NESDIS has been operational since February 2000. A suite of wind retrieval and daily ICE products have found widespread acceptance and are used operationally at many centers. QuikSCAT winds have recently been incorporated in the latest operational AWIPS build. With the loss of the Adeos-II satellite in November 2003, continued enhancements and maintenance of the QuikSCAT processing system is ever more critical. Recent advances in the QuikSCAT processing system include retrofitting the Adeos-II processing improvements back into QuikSCAT and the development of a suite of 12.5 km wind products to complement the 25 km product. In this paper we describe the latest changes to the QuikSCAT processing system and discuss plans to transition over to ASCAT processing. These advances were made under the Computer Sciences Corporation's (CSC) Central Satellite Data Processing contract.

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