85th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 10 January 2005
A comparison of satellite derived global hydrological products
Arief Sudradjat, University of Maryland and CICS/ESSIC, College Park, MD; and R. R. Ferraro
This paper will focus on the development progress of a merged SSM/I and AMSU data sets that will consist of derived products from multiple satellites. The SSM/I time series consists of a single-satellite from 1987-1991. Since that time, two satellites have been in operation. However, the 17-year product time series consists of products derived from the DMSP “early” (e.g., 6 am/6 pm) satellite. The AMSU time series contains a single satellite during mid-1998 to late-2000, two satellites from October 2000 through May 2002, then three satellites beyond that time. Each of the DMSP and NOAA satellites make measurements at different local times, and when combined, offer up to ten individual measurements at a given location each day. A method that combines these measurements by factoring in the error characteristics of the retrieval, plus the diurnal cycle, is desired. In this study, several points/regions representing possible climate regimes are selected for a comparison. The comparison is necessary in order to have consistent inputs for the merged data sets from both satellite time series.

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