85th AMS Annual Meeting

Sunday, 9 January 2005
Professional Development for Undergraduate Minority Meteorology Students Through NWS Summer Internship Programs and Individual NOAA Grants.
John L. Shoemake Sr., Jackson State University, Jackson, MS; and M. Watts, R. S. Reddy, G. Holmes, S. Ivey, B. DeShields, K. Hair, L. Kennard, M. Jones, and T. Hartwell
Jackson State University (JSU) is the only Historically Black College and University that offers an undergraduate degree in Meteorology. Some thirty years ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was selected by the American Meteorological Society and others within the professional community to assist and sponsor the development of the JSU program. NOAA, through the National Weather Service (NWS), has continuously nurtured the JSU Meteorology Program in the convening years by providing both personnel and specific programs for faculty, staff and student development and professional growth. Various programs and grants are currently in place to accomplish the NOAA/NWS ongoing commitment. The “Diversity Summer Research Participation Summer Internship Program” administered by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for NOAA is one such program. Another is NOAA/NWS Grant with JSU, Increasing Diversity in Atmospheric Science through Research, Application, and in Partnership with the NWS (IDAS-RAP). Both provide students with activities that help increase learning opportunities. Students’ involved gain enhanced professional knowledge, operational forecast skills, in-depth individual training, and practical climatological research experience during the summer at various NOAA/NWS offices within the southern region and across the nation. Ten JSU meteorology majors participated in NOAA/NWS internships at various locations during Summer 2004 with three students who will continue active participation at NWS Forecast Office in Jackson, MS during Fall 2004. The extent of JSU Meteorology Program student involvement in NOAA/NWS local, routine, and daily operational activities effectively contributes to the JSU overall scientific capacity and demonstrates NOAA’s strong commitment to increasing the number of minority professionals in meteorology and the atmospheric sciences.

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