85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005: 11:45 AM
Radiation Measuring Radiosonde
Dr. Richard Scarlet, Sippican, Inc., Marion, MA
Sippican, Inc. is introducing an advanced radioactivity-sensing radiosonde for balloon-borne atmospheric measurements. This instrument has been developed in cooperation with Canberra Industries, Inc., a world leader in radioactivity measuring equipment. Gamma and beta radioactivity levels are measured with two Canberra Geiger-Mueller detectors, specially adapted for the temperature and pressure conditions of atmospheric profiles. Canberra’s patented “Time-To-Count” technique is used to provide excellent linearity without saturation even in extremely high radiation fields. Sippican’s MKIIA radiosonde system measures GPS-derived wind and position, temperature, and humidity, and transmits these parameters with the radioactivity measurements to the ground station. Sippican’s WIN9000 ground system processes, displays and stores all parameters.

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