85th AMS Annual Meeting

Thursday, 13 January 2005: 1:45 PM
National Weather Service River Forecast Center Forecast Simulations Using the WES Simulating Hydrologic Activities During Real-Time Events (SHARE)
Eric Jones, NOAA/NWS, Slidell, LA; and A. Roberts and D. Reed
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The Weather Event Simulator(WES) computer provides National Weather Service meteorologists the capability to simulate forecast operations during a severe weather event. Forecasters are required to complete WES training sessions before each significant weather season (NWS Directives System Procedural Directive 20-101). In its initial implementation, the WES was not established to provide simulations of NWS River Forecast Center(RFC) model operations and RFC personnel were exempted from NWS Directive 20-101.

With the implementation of the RFC Archive Server (AX) at RFCs and the NWS Southern Region implementation of a workstation that can be used at a remote location by an RFC to perform backup RFC operations, all major components are available to effectively utilize the WES for RFC forecast operations. The Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center has integrated these components together to effectively perform RFC model simulations. This project is named Simulating Hydrologic Activities During Real-Time Events (SHARE).

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