85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005
Observation of polar sudden stratospheric warming events using GPS radio occultation technique
Grace S. Peng, The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA; and J. H. Hecht and R. L. Walterscheid
The vertical resolution of GPS radio occultation (GPSRO) measurements of temperatures in the stratosphere makes it an ideal tool to study the appearance and evolution of sudden stratospheric warmings (stratwarms). Additionally, the nearly polar orbits of the CHAMP and SAC-C satellites that carry GPSRO sensors give excellent coverage in the polar and high latitude regions where sudden stratwarms occur. In this poster, two such stratwarms are analyzed, a northern hemisphere (NH) event and the southern hemisphere (SH) event of September 2002—the strongest SH sudden stratwarm ever observed.

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