85th AMS Annual Meeting

Tuesday, 11 January 2005
Evaluation of WRF with NASA/TRMM-3B42 and Polarimetric Radar Products
Sen Chiao, Howard University, Washington, DC; and E. Joseph, P. Kucera, and H. Laryea
This study evaluates high resolution WRF model simulations with NASA/TRMM-3B42 and polarimetric radar (NPOL) precipitation products. The numerical experimental setup will cover the mid-Atlantic region, with the focus over the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC urban zone (~ 800 km2). Convective activities in association with precipitation in urban zone play an important role in the regional hydrological cycle and water budget. Additionally, these severe weather events have a significant impact on economy and transportation in this highly populated region. Our hypothesis is that fine resolution (e.g., 1 km grid-spacing) modeling is essential for improving prediction in urban-scale severe weather events. This research focuses on following: 1) validation of spatial and temporal variation of convection in WRF over the mid-Atlantic using TRMM-3B42 and NPOL radar observations; 2) investigation of urban-scale pre-storm environment as well as atmosphere boundary layer processes and their impacts on the initiation, intensification or weaken of convection in mid-Atlantic region.

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