85th AMS Annual Meeting

Wednesday, 12 January 2005: 10:30 AM
Unique Online Data and Text For Scholars and Researchers in Meteorology
Doria B. Grimes, NOAA Central Library, Silver Spring, MD
In cooperation with the National Climatic Data Center's Climate Database Modernization Program, the NOAA Central Library has been able to scan and provide 24/7 access to unique data and publications for scholars and researchers. Scheduled for completion by this conference is a joint project with AMS to provide full text online access to the Monthly Weather Review from 1973 back to volume 1 issue 1 in 1872! Project Two is the ongoing scanning of the Annual Reports of the U.S. Weather Bureau from 1871! Project Three is the scanning of the full text of "meteorological treasures" such as the 1485 Latin translation of an essay by ancient Greek medical authority Hippocrates discussing the effects of climate on health. Have you accessed the complete collection of the U.S. Daily Weather Maps online from 1871? These and other unique resources will be demonstrated with web site addresses for researchers.

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