85th AMS Annual Meeting

Session 1: K-12 and Popular Initiatives

Monday, 10 January 2005: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Organizers:  Shirley T. Murillo, NOAA/AOML/HRD and Kathleen A. Murphy, Ladue School District
  1:30 PM
STORM-E: A Weather Simulation
Jane Neuenschwander, NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future, Wheeling, WV; and C. Mitsch

  1:45 PM
The Great UK Weather Watch
J. Malcolm Walker, Royal Meteorological Society, Reading, United Kingdom

Poster PDF (1.1 MB)
  2:00 PM
Lightning safety for schools: An update
James B. Lushine, NOAA/NWS, Miami, FL; and W. P. Roeder and R. J. Vavrek

  2:15 PM
  2:30 PM
EdGCM: Enhancing Climate Education Through Climate Modeling Research Projects
Mark A. Chandler, NASA/GISS at Columbia University, New York, NY; and S. J. Richards and M. F. Shopsin


  2:45 PM
  3:00 PM
Educating an informed citizenry: What should every student know about the oceans?
Robert Stewart, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


Poster PDF (86.8 kB)
  3:15 PM
AMS DataStreme courses - preparing teachers to use Earth system information
Robert S. Weinbeck, SUNY, Brockport, NY; and I. W. Geer, J. M. Moran, E. W. Mills, E. J. Hopkins, D. R. Smith, and B. A. Blair

  3:30 PM
The NOAA and NWS outreach program for educators
Ron Gird, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and J. simensky

  3:45 PM
Developing a GIS Using Real Time Earth Data: A Study of the Earth System
John D. Moore, Burlington County Institute of Technology, Medford, NJ

  4:00 PM
Pacific Northwest Tsunamis: Generation and Effects!
Steve Michael Carlson, AMS/NOAA Project Atmosphere AREA, White Salmon, Washington

  4:15 PM
Formal Poster viewing with Coffee Break

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