85th AMS Annual Meeting

Joint Session 3: Climate of the Southern High Latitudes (Joint Session with the Eight Conference on Polar Meteorology and the 16th Conference on Climate Variability and Change) ( parallel with Session 14)

Thursday, 13 January 2005: 11:00 AM-12:15 PM
Organizer:  Hugues Goosse, Universite Catholique de Louvain
  11:00 AM
Reconstructing the mid-Twentieth Century climate of the Antarctic Peninsula region
John Turner, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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  11:15 AM
  11:30 AM
Decadal variability of the ENSO teleconnection to the South Pacific governed by coupling with the Antarctic Oscillation
Ryan L. Fogt, Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH; and D. H. Bromwich

  12:00 PM
Recent Sea Ice Variability and Its Association with Large-Scale Processes
Jiping Liu, School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and J. A. Curry