Sixth Symposium on the Urban Environment
AMS Forum: Managing our Physical and Natural Resources: Successes and Challenges


Urban dispersion modeling for emergency response: status and issues

Steven R. Hanna, Harvard Univ., Boston, MA

The past decade has seen rapid development of tools to predict the spread of hazardous airborne materials in urban areas. A wide range of urban weather and urban dispersion models is now available for emergency responders and for other purposes. This presentation surveys the current status and issues in this field, and provides an overview of supporting laboratory studies, field studies, and urban morphology data acquisition; model development and evaluation; and operational applications of these tools.

The presentation includes a description of some applications of urban models for responding to actual airborne releases, preparation for support to particular events, and preparation to protect particular buildings.

Joint Session 4, Development of Tools to Assist Emergency Responders in the Case of Releases of Gases and Small Particles Within Urban Areas (Joint with 6th Symposium on the Urban Environment and Forum on Managing our Physical and Natural Resources)
Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM, A312

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