12th Conference on Aviation Range and Aerospace Meteorology


Development and testing of a dual-pol-based surface precipitation type algorithm

Kevin A. Scharfenberg, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK

An algorithm to integrate data from surface temperature sensors, numerical weather prediction model thermodynamic output, and dual-polarimetric radar hydrometeor classification algorithm output and produce a surface precipitation type product is described. Results from initial tests on a few archived cases are presented. Although sufficient verification data sets are not yet available, this technique shows promise in accurately depicting regions of freezing rain, snow, and rain at the surface, aiding aviation ground operations during winter storms.

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Poster Session 6, Polarimetric Radar Posters
Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 9:45 AM-9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall A2

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