14th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography


Properties of anvil cirrus during CRYSTAL-FACE in the 812 m window bands of MODIS Airborne Simulator: observation and simulation

Gang Hong, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; and P. Yang

The infrared radiances measured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) airborne simulator (MAS) aboard the NASA ER-2 aircraft flying at about 20 km above the surface on 29 July 2002 during the Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers - Florida Area Cirrus Experiment (CRYSTAL-FACE), in conjunction with the data acquired by Cloud Radar System (CRS) and the Cloud Physical Lidar (CPL), are used to study the radiative properties of anvil cirrus at the window bands of 8-12 m. The brightness temperature difference between 8 and 11 m (DTb(8, 11)) and that between 11 and 12 m (DTb(11, 12)) present different characteristics for clouds associated with anvil cirrus. A trispectral brightness temperature method is suggested for detecting clear sky, thin cirrus, thick cirrus, and anvil cirrus. Clear sky can be discriminated by DTb(11, 12) greater than 1 K and DTb(8, 11) less than 2 K. Both DTb(8, 11) and DTb(11, 12) are less than 1 K for anvil cirrus. Thick cirrus clouds can be determined by DTb(8, 11) greater than 1 K and positive difference between DTb(8, 11) and DTb(11, 12), while thin cirrus clouds for DTb(11, 12) greater than 1 K, DTb(8, 11) above 2 K, and negative difference between DTb(8, 11) and DTb(11, 12). Cloud ice optical thickness derived from the ice water contents estimated by the CRS data and scattering properties of ice particles from a database of the single-scattering properties of ice crystals, are input to the Discrete Ordinates Radiative Transfer model (DISORT) for simulating the influence of cloud ice optical thickness and effective size on the brightness temperatures at 8, 11, and 12 m. A bispectral brightness temperature method between the window bands is suggested for the estimation of cirrus cloud effective size and optical thickness within 10.

Poster Session 1, Retrievals and Cloud Products
Monday, 30 January 2006, 2:30 PM-2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall A2

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