Eighth Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry


A preliminary evaluation of the Sources and Sinks of black carbon over Mexico City based on the 2003 field experimental data: Model results and Measurements


V. Rao Kotamarthi, ANL, Argonne, IL; and J. S. Gaffney, N. A. Marley, and H. K. Im

Preliminary results from comprehensive 3-D model simulations for the time corresponding to the Mexico Valley Metropolitan Area (MVMA) field experiment conducted during April-May of 2003 are presented. The model simulations are focused on assessing the various sources of black carbon measured during this time period. Estimates of the contribution of a regional forest fire in the Yucatan Peninsula to the measured black carbon in the MVMA are developed based on model simulations and measurement constraints. The 3-D modeling system uses MM5 to simulate the meteorology and provide the dynamics to the CMAQ chemistry-transport model, which simulates the sources, sinks and distribution of aerosols during the MVMA. A tracer version of the CMAQ model is also used to evaluate the sensitivity of the modeled black carbon to several source configurations.

Session 1, AerosolsóRadiative Impacts and Visibility Reduction
Monday, 30 January 2006, 9:00 AM-11:45 AM, A408

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