Impacts of 2005's Weather: Major Stories of the Year


Strong Space Weather in 2005

Joseph Kunches, NOAA/Space Environment Center, Boulder, CO

The current sunspot cycle 23 is now in its decline. For many there is a misperception that space weather “calms” with the increasing absence of sunspots. This is a myth. Two events of particular interest and significance occurred this past year, the first in January 2005 and then another in September 2005. Details about these space weather storms, including a description of some of the impacts on man-made systems, will be presented.wrf recording  Recorded presentation

Joint Panel Discussion 4, Weather, Energy, and the Economy (Joint with the AMS Forum: Environmental Risks and Impacts on Society: Successes and Challenges and the Symposium on Impacts of 2005's Weather: Major Stories of the Year)
Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 1:45 PM-2:35 PM, Thomas Murphy Ballroom 1

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