18th Conference on Climate Variability and Change

Session 8


Incorporating climate information and forecasts into the decision making process in the water resource and energy sectors

 Chairs: Bradfield Lyon, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, Columbia Univ., Palisades, NY; Mathew A. Barlow, University of Massachusetts - Lowell, Lowell, MA
8:45 AM8.1Design criteria for a national climate service: insights from a RISA program (INVITED PRESENTATION)   wrf recording
Edward L. Miles, JISAO/Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA; and A. K. Snover and L. Whitely Binder
9:15 AM8.2The use of climate information in water resources management (INVITED PRESENTATION)  
Holly Hartmann, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
9:45 AMFormal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break  
11:00 AM8.3Three-tier operational precipitation and hydrological forecasting of large-scale un-gauged river basins: Developing a basis for strategic and tactical decisions for water management, agricultural planning and disaster mitigation (INVITED PRESENTATION)  
Peter J. Webster, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and T. M. Hopson and C. D. Hoyos
11:30 AM8.4Using climate information for river basin management in Sri Lanka (INVITED PRESENTATION)  
Lareef Zubair, IRI, Palisades, NY
12:00 PMLunch Break (Cash and Carry available in the Exhibit Hall)  
1:30 PM8.5(INVITED) Measuring the performance of hydrological forecasts for hydropower production at BC Hydro and Hydro-Québec  extended abstract
Frank Weber, BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC, Canada; and L. Perreault and V. Fortin
2:00 PM8.6Critical climate controls and information needs for environmental assessment and adaptive management in the Grand Canyon region  
Shaleen Jain, NOAA/CIRES and Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and R. S. Pulwarty, T. Melis, D. Topping, and J. K. Eischeid
2:30 PM8.7Improved Operation of Reservoir Systems – Utility of Seasonal and Monthly Updated Climate Forecasts  
Sankar Arumugam, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC; and U. Lall
3:00 PMCoffee Break in Exhibit Hall and AMS IPOD Raffle  
3:30 PM8.8Climate-informed decision tools for the water and energy sector (INVITED PRESENTATION)  
Casey Brown, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, Palisades, NY; and U. Lall and S. Arumugam
4:00 PM8.9An integrated approach to the efficient management of scarce freshwater resources in tropical West Africa: the IMPETUS project  
Michael Christoph, Univ. of Cologne, Cologne, Germany; and A. H. Fink and P. Speth

Thursday, 2 February 2006: 8:45 AM-4:30 PM, A313

* - Indicates paper has been withdrawn from meeting

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