The Doug Lilly Symposium

Session 1


Boundary Layer and Turbulence Studies

 Chair: Evgeni Fedorovich, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
11:00 AM1.1Boundary layer structure: how our ideas have changed in the last 40 years   wrf recording
Margaret LeMone, NCAR, Boulder, CO
11:30 AM1.2Air motion measurements from aircraft: a historical perspective and contributions to current understanding   wrf recording
Donald H. Lenschow, NCAR, Boulder, CO
12:00 PM1.3Stratocumulus Mixed Layer Modeling and Entrainment—The View After 38 Years of Standing on Doug Lilly's Shoulders   wrf recording
Christopher S. Bretherton, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA

Thursday, 2 February 2006: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM, A302

* - Indicates paper has been withdrawn from meeting

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