12th Conference on Aviation Range and Aerospace Meteorology

Session 8


Range and Aerospace

 Chairs: Karen Shelton-Mur, DOT, Washington, DC; Todd M. McNamara, 45th Weather Squadron, USAF, Patrick AFB, FL
1:30 PM8.1Shuttle Weather Support From Design To Launch To Return To Flight  extended abstract wrf recording
Dan G. Bellue, NOAA/NWS, Johnson Space Center, TX; and W. W. Vaughan, B. F. Boyd, J. T. Madura, T. Garner, K. A. Winters, J. Weems, and H. C. Herring
1:45 PM8.2Current Activities of the Range Commanders Council Meteorology Group  extended abstract wrf recording
Richard G. Henning, 46th Weather Squadron, Eglin AFB, FL; and B. C. Roberts
2:00 PM8.3Natural and triggered lightning launch commit criteria  extended abstract
E. P. Krider, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; and H. J. Christian, J. E. Dye, H. C. Koons, J. T. Madura, F. J. Merceret, W. D. Rust, R. L. Walterscheid, and J. C. Willett
2:15 PM8.4The Scientific Basis for a Radar-Based Lightning Launch Commit Criterion for Anvil Clouds  extended abstract wrf recording
J. E. Dye, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and M. Bateman, D. Mach, C. A. Grainger, H. J. Christian, H. C. Koons, E. P. Krider, F. J. Merceret, and J. C. Willett
2:30 PMFormal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break  
4:00 PM8.5The Definition and Interpretation of Terrestrial Environment Design Inputs for Aerospace Vehicle Design Considerations  extended abstract wrf recording
Dale L. Johnson, NASA/MSFC, Huntsville, AL; and V. W. Keller and W. W. Vaughan
4:15 PM8.6Ensuring Environmental Safety for Space Launch  extended abstract wrf recording
B. F. Boyd, 45th Weather Squadron, Patrick AFB, FL; and M. E. Fitzpatrick, C. R. Parks, P. N. Rosati, and R. W. Lamoreaux
4:30 PM8.7Implementing the VAHIRR Launch Commit Criteria using existing radar products  extended abstract wrf recording
Francis J. Merceret, NASA, Kennedy Space Center, FL; and M. McAleenan, T. M. McNamara, J. W. Weems, and W. P. Roeder
4:45 PM8.8Commercially licensed launch site and reentry site operations  
Stewart Jackson, DOT, Washington, DC; and K. Shelton-Mur
5:00 PM8.9Triggered lightning risk assessment for reusable launch vehicles at the Southwest Regional and Oklahoma Spaceports  extended abstract wrf recording
John C. Willett, Consultant, Garrett Park, MD; and E. P. Krider, G. S. Peng, F. S. Simmons, G. W. Law, K. Shelton-Mur, and R. W. Seibold
5:15 PM8.10An Analysis of Lightning Risk and Convective Cloud Cover for Two Proposed Commercial Spaceport Sites  extended abstract wrf recording
Grace S. Peng, The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, 1 February 2006: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM, A301

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