12th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation


CERES Proto-Edition_3 radiative transfer :model tests and radiative closure over surface validations sites

Fred Rose, AS&M, Hampton, VA; and T. Charlock, Q. Fu, S. Kato, D. A. Rutan, and Z. Jin

Modifications to the CERES version of the Fu-Liou correlated-k 2-stream Shortwave, 2/4 Longwave code involving enhanced band structure were made. The 0.7-1.3 and 1.3-1.9 micron band were modified to have boundaries at 0.794,0,889,1.04,1.41,1.90 microns to treat the spectral differences optical properties of water and ice phase clouds. Variations in the spectral surface albedo of snow surfaces, gas absorption by H2O and rayleigh scattering over the 0.7-1.3 micron interval are be better modeled as a result. Tests against a higher order Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Discrete Ordinate model (COART) show good agreement. Radiative closure results are presented over 56 surface validation sites for 5 years using CERES TOA flux and Modis (Langley) Cloud Product, GEOS4 atmospheric profiles and MATCH aerosol assimilation. Toa and surface cloud and aerosol forcing are shown.

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Supplementary URL: http://www-cave.larc.nasa.gov/cave/

Poster Session 2, Radiation Poster Session II: Parameterizations & Cloud and Aerosol Interactions
Monday, 10 July 2006, 5:00 PM-7:00 PM, Grand Terrace

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