JP2.7 Single-scattering Properties of Platonic solids with Size Parameters in the Geometric-Optics Regime

Wednesday, 12 July 2006
Grand Terrace (Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center)
Zhibo Zhang, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX; and P. Yang, G. W. Kattawar, and W. Wiscombe

We investigate the single scattering properties of five regular Platonic solids, i.e. tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, using the ray-tracing technique based on the principles of geometric optics. A new algorithm is introduced to account for the diffraction patterns pertaining to these particle shapes. By comparisons with the single-scattering properties of spheres with equivalent volume, surface area and volume to surface area ratio, we found that the errors of the spherical approximation depend on specific particle geometries. This study is complementary to a previous study for the case of small size parameters.
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