2002 Annual

Tuesday, 15 January 2002: 4:45 PM
Performing service backup with the Interactive Forecast Preparation System
Ronla K. Meiggs, NOAA/NWS/Office of Science and Technology, Silver Spring, MD; and B. D. Papa
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The National Weather Service (NWS) is currently implementing an Interactive Forecast Preparation System (IFPS) that assists forecasters in creating forecast products. This paper will describe a set of techniques that enable a NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO) to assume forecast responsibility from a neighboring WFO that cannot provide service.

NWS WFOs are each assigned County Warning Areas (CWA) for which they provide forecast and warning services. From time to time, a WFO will be unable to perform its duties due to system failures, computer upgrades, etc. In these cases, one or more neighboring WFOs provide "Service Backup" and issue these products that would normally be issued by the failed WFO.

Several IFPS enhancements are planned to support Service Backup. Where possible, the domain of the IFPS grids at each WFO will be adjusted to include the CWAs of any nearby WFOs that may require Service Backup. IFPS will also allow a WFO to temporarily expand the area over which it prepares its forecasts. Customization data will be exchanged among WFOs so products issued by a backup WFO will be similar to those normally issued by the failed WFO.

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