2002 Annual

Wednesday, 16 January 2002: 2:15 PM
A portable system for boundary layer measurement, analysis, and forecasting
James Cogan, U.S. Army Research Lab., White Sands Missle Range, NM; and E. Vidal, E. Measure, Y. Yee, and S. A. Luces
The Army Research Laboratory has developed and tested proof of concept systems for rapid refresh measurement of atmospheric profiles, and use of those data in on-board mesoscale models for analysis and forecasting. This paper extends this idea into a portable system for measurement, analysis, and short term forecasting (a.k.a. nowcasting) that will have application to the atmospheric boundary layer at short time scales. The system is modular so that future researchers may upgrade one or more components without major impact on the others. It uses technology that either exists now or is under development at ARL or other organizations. No "breakthroughs" are required. This proposed system consists of a suite of small remote sensors, laptop or smaller computers, appropriate data analysis and handling software, and an on-board model package for mesoscale and microscale analysis and forecasting. The sensor suite may include a compact coherent lidar for wind and aerosol sensing, a microwave radiometer for temperature and moisture profiling, and a higher frequency wind profiling radar. Neither the computers nor the sensors need to be permanently attached to a vehicle or trailer, and can be carried on a single HMMWV or equivalent civilian vehicle. This paper briefly outlines the component remote sensors and software packages, lays out the basic system concept, and discusses some potential enhancements that will provide even greater capability. Examples of applications of such a system include a rapid deployment capability for the future combat system and objective forces and civilian rapid response as in disaster mitigation and forest fire control.

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