2002 Annual

Wednesday, 16 January 2002
Multidomain Real-time Ozone Forecasting for Summer 2001, Preliminary Results for the NE U.S., Mid-South, and Texas
John McHenry, North Carolina Supercomputing Center, Durham, NC; and C. J. Coats, J. Vukovich, and T. Smith
For the 4th year, MCNC's Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) has partnered with state, academic, and now federal agencies (EPA/NOAA) to run an operational numerical air quality prediction (NAQP) modeling system in real-time. During summer 2002, 3 months of continuous forecasts for ozone and it's precursors were produced for multi-domain, multiscale portions of the US and Canada east of the Rocky Mtns. The modeling system consists of real-time MM5V3.4 forecasts, the SMOKE emissions modeling system, and the MAQSIP-RT optimized photochemical model. Results will be presented for New England,the mid-Atlantic/mid-south, and Texas, focusing on the NE 15km domain in anticipation of the 2002 NOAA-UNH AIRMAP study. A summary of results from last year's TXAQS-2000 study will also be presented.

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