Coastal Environments Interactive Symposium on Developments in Operational and Research Coastal Oceanography and Meteorology


Environmental Risk Assessment Integrative Systems Approach (ERAISA) using GIS/RS

Paul J. Croft, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS; and J. Baham, A. Mohamed, R. S. Reddy, P. Chigbu, R. Hughes, J. Young, K. Hilbert, and P. Tchounwou

The attainment of goals, for the first six months of the three year project, are considered here. This project is meant to design, deliver, implement, disseminate, and incorporate an environmental risks assessment integrative systems approach (ERAISA) with GIS/RS applications. The “discovery/recovery” nature of this project will lay groundwork for the Jackson State University (JSU) Team (comprised of Marine and Environmental Science and Meteorology as well as the Center for Spatial Data Research Applications that provide a GIS/RS base) to collaborate with the user community and appropriate agencies (e.g., National Coastal Data Development Center) as identified in cooperation with the Project Advisory Committee. The desired outcome, or end-product, is an integrated system for risk assessment (multiple user base) for use in demonstration, training, and dissemination. The performance of research for direct applications thus far has centered on the definition of events, collection of data, evaluation of the efficiency of resources, staffing, student involvement, training, and equipment and office purchasing. In addition to these customary “ramp-up” activities, the first video-teleconference was held between the JSU project team members (i.e., the investigators), the advisory committee, and NOAA program officers and interested/relevant guests. This report provides information and documentation of efforts to date and summarizes how these will aid in meeting project milestones and goals over the next two-and-one-half years.

Poster Session 1, Poster Session
Tuesday, 11 February 2003, 9:45 AM-11:00 AM

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