19th Conference on IIPS


Interactive Forecast Preparation System Training in the National Weather Service

Brian Motta, NOAA/NWS, Boulder, CO; and S. White, S. Beckman, R. Hamilton, and K. Fuell

The National Weather Service (NWS) has begun implementation of a software system that allows graphical editing of forecasts based on model and observed data. The new software system is known as Interactive Forecast Preparation System (IFPS) and contains two major parts. One part is a grid editor that allows graphical depiction of weather variables while the other contains climatology and product formatting programs in an effort to automate most (if not all) product generation tasks.

A team of NWS forecasters and managers worked to define the necessary training via a Professional Development Series (PDS). The PDS forms the scope of needed training and a curriculum into which courses and other instructional components can be mapped. Initial training has involved communicating the reason for such a change in the NWS and the forces driving such a change. Other training items are arranged by major topics which include: User Interface, Forecast Methodology, Collaboration, Operations Management, Local Applications, Focal Point Duties, and Applications of IFPS Techniques.

One of the main challenges in developing and delivering training for this major change in NWS operations has been the rapid development process. The NWS Meteorological Development Laboratory and the NOAA Forecast Systems Lab are producing software updates at a rapid pace to provide small incremental development steps but produce a flexible and adaptable software package that will meet the needs of operational forecasters. With regard to the training activities, the NWS also seeks to provide a foundation of material which can then be augmented by several modes of training to include WWW modules, teletraining, recorded presentations, and documentation.

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Poster Session 1, 19th IIPS Poster Session
Monday, 10 February 2003, 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

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