14th Symposium on Global Change and Climate Variations
7th Symposium on IOS: The Water Cycle
Observing and Understanding the Variability of Water in Weather and Climate
5th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry: Gases, Aerosols, and Clouds

Joint Session 4

 Water Vapor Observations and Processes (Joint with 14th Symp. on Global Change and Climate Variations, 7th Symp. on IOS, Fifth Conf. on Atmospheric Chemistry, and Symp. on Observing and Understanding the Varability of Water in Weather and Climate)
 Organizer: Dian J. Seidel, NOAA/ARL, Silver Spring, MD
1:30 PMJ4.1A Summary of the SPARC Water Vapor Assessment Report  
Dieter Kley, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Juelich, Germany; and J. M. Russell
1:45 PMJ4.2Cross-Tropopause Convective Transport of Water Vapor: Model Study, Satellite Observation, and Implications  extended abstract
Pao K. Wang, Unversity of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
2:00 PMJ4.3Variations in stratospheric water vapor and tropical tropopause temperatures  
William J. Randel, NCAR, Boulder, CO
2:15 PMJ4.4Cloud physics and water vapor in the evanescent convection altitude regime  extended abstract
Steven C. Sherwood, Yale University, New Haven, CT; and A. Dessler
2:30 PMJ4.5Modeling water vapor and its changes in the tropical tropopause region  
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR, Boulder, CO
2:45 PMJ4.6Validating and Understanding the Water Vapor and Cloud Feedbacks in the NCAR CCSM  
De-Zheng Sun, NOAA/ERL/CDC, Boulder, CO; and T. Zhang, J. Fasullo, and A. Roubicek
3:00 PMCoffee Break in Exhibit Hall (Exhibits open 1:30–6:30 p.m.)  
3:30 PMJ4.7A new look at cloud radiative forcing: Coupling with water vapor forcing  
B. J. Sohn, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea; and J. Schmetz and V. Ramanathan
3:45 PMJ4.8Spatio-temporal analysis and comparison of total precipitable water from different datasets  extended abstract
Arief Sudradjat, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; and R. Ferraro
4:00 PMJ4.9Global precipitable water variations since 1973 based on preliminary radiosonde instrument adjustments  extended abstract
Steven R. Schroeder, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
4:15 PMJ4.10Relative importance of the land surface latent flux and large-scale moisture transport in determining the onset of rainy season over Amazon  
R. Fu, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
4:30 PMJ4.11Surface evaporation and the greenhouse effect over the intertropical oceans  
Rémy Roca, LMD, Palaiseau, France; and A. Gershunov
4:45 PMJ4.12Regional Hydrological Cycle and Weather and Climate in the Contiguous United States  extended abstract
Qi Hu, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE; and S. Feng
5:00 PMJ4.13The atmospheric moisture budget in the Arctic—introducing and applying a consistent method to use radiosonde data  extended abstract
Reinhard M. Hagenbrock, Univ. of Bonn, Bonn, Germany; and M. Göber, F. Ament, and A. Hense
5:15 PMJ4.14Moisture Variations Associated with the Initiation of Madden-Julian Oscillation  
Bryan C. Weare, University of California, Davis, CA

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

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