12th Conference on Interactions of the Sea and Atmosphere

Session 9

 RED SEAS Experiments
 Organizer: Kenneth D. Anderson, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, CA
8:30 AM9.1Air-sea interaction effects on microwave propagation over the sea during the rough evaporation duct (RED) Experiment  extended abstract
Kenneth D. Anderson, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, CA; and P. Frederickson and E. Terrill
8:45 AM9.2EM Propagation Over the ocean: Analysis of RED Experiment Data  extended abstract
Tihomir Hristov, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; and C. Friehe
9:00 AM9.3Air-sea interaction processes observed from buoy and propagation measurements during the RED Experiment  extended abstract
Paul A. Frederickson, NPS, Monterey, CA; and K. L. Davidson, K. D. Anderson, S. M. Doss-Hammel, and D. Tsintikidis
9:15 AM9.4Evaluation of coarse mode sea-salt flux parameterizations through shipboard eddy-correlation methods coupled with vertical profile data  extended abstract
Jeffrey S. Reid, NRL/SPAWAR Systems center, Montery, CA; and B. Brooks, H. H. Jonsson, T. Hirstov, K. A. Anderson, and E. A. Reid
9:30 AM9.5Airborne measurements of wave breaking in RED - kinematics and statistics  
W. Kendall Melville, SIO/Univ. Of California, La Jolla, CA; and P. Matusov and E. Terrill
9:45 AMFormal poster viewing session with coffee break  
11:00 AM9.6Aerosols, bubbles and sea spray production studies during the RED experiments  extended abstract
Gerrit De Leeuw, TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory, The Hague, Netherlands; and M. Moerman, L. Cohen, B. Brooks, M. Smith, and E. Vignati
11:15 AM9.7Marine Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Structure and Air-Sea Fluxes Under Moderate Trade Winds Regime  extended abstract
Djamal Khelif, University of California, Irvine, CA; and C. A. Friehe
11:30 AM9.8Infrared Propagation in the Marine Atmospheric Surface Layer: Extinction and Refraction  extended abstract
Dimitri Tsintikidis, SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego, CA; and S. M. Doss-Hammel, P. A. Frederickson, and K. L. Davidson
11:45 AM9.9Speciation of Organic Aerosols and their Relationship to Light Scattering during RED  extended abstract
Kathleen K. Crahan, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; and D. A. Hegg, D. S. C. overt, and H. Jonsson
12:00 PM9.10Passive polarimetric remote sensing of the sea surface during RED: Comparison of microwave radiometric signatures with air-sea interaction measurements  
Steven C. Reising, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA; and J. Pons, W. E. Asher, A. Camps, and N. Duffo
12:15 PMLunch Break  
1:30 PM9.11Sea-salt size-distributions from breaking waves: implications for marine aerosol production and optical extinction measurements during SEAS  extended abstract
Antony Clarke, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI; and V. Kapustin, S. Howell, K. Moore, B. Lienert, S. Masonis, T. Anderson, D. Covert, K. Shifrin, and I. Zolotov
1:45 PM9.12Lidar Observed Scattering Fields Over Bellows Beach, Oahu During the SEAS Experiment  
John N. Porter, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI; and B. Lienert, S. K. Sharma, and E. Lau
2:00 PM9.13Aerosol Phase Function and Size Distributions From Polar Nephelometer Measurements During the SEAS Experiment  
John Porter, UH, HIGP, Honolulu, HI; and B. Lienert and S. K. Sharma

Thursday, 13 February 2003: 8:30 AM-2:15 PM

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